How much is the salary of Accounting Clerk?

I have a friend whose profession is Accounting Clerk. I am confuse and don’t have any idea how much she is earning since she didn’t tell me too whenever I ask. I am just confuse because she is always a getting a loan from the bank. I advise her that she might get difficulty in paying those loans after months but still decided to get another loan.

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Well it depends on where country you live. In America the salary of an Accounting Clerk is up to $20 per hour. In other countries it might me lower or higher. Also regarding her loans, she might have a big family who are relying on her. We didn’t know her reason, but hopefully she can get a salary increase and be financial literate.


Written May 25, 2019


Depende yan kung saan nag wowork.. kung sa bank 15K - 25K

Written Jul 21, 2019