How do you save electricity at home?

Sometimes our financial budgeting broke because of the surprise electricity bill that we are receiving every month. It is no question in recent years electricity bill was blown up. Do you still minimize the use of your electricity at home?  

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This is a real and big problem of mine. It came to a point that I owe some money because the budget that I set aside for my electricity bill was short, of course I need supplementary amount to pay my electricity that month. So I promised myself to economize the use of electricity in our home I told my family about it too. Now we always turn off the television if we are not really watching from it, before most of the time our tv was on but we are all holding cellphone or other gadgets and doesn’t surely watching on television. I assure you it is a big help to lessen electricity bill. Almost 1/3 of my bill was cut after that.

Written May 24, 2019