Is it advisable to take Chemical Engineering course?

They say Chemical Engineering is as hard and as easy as other Engineering streams. Also you can get a decent job easily if you have a good knowledge of Chemical Engineering. Related job of Chemical Engineering are Chemical engineer, Energy engineer, Nuclear engineer, Petroleum engineer, etc. do you think it is advisable to take this course.?

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Yes it is an advantage in terms of job opportunities locally or abroad. This course is not as popular as civil engineering, electronics engineering, or mechanical engineering. But they are indemand because of luck of supply.

Written May 19, 2019


To those who plan to get the Chemical Engineering course in their college here are the Pros and Cons that you need to consider:


High Salary
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics chemical engineer could make an average of $102,260 per year.

Benefits package includes health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans.

Career Flexibility
Numerous Chemical Engineers praise the flexibility and stimulation their job provides. They can choose to engineer healthier soft drinks in the food industry or work to produce plastic products that are easily biodegradable.

Contribute Meaningful Advancements to Society
As chemical engineer you could potentially be the one that helps find a new way to harness energy to remove traditional oil usage.


Harmful Works
Chemical engineers may have to work with gases, liquids, or dust. If the proper precautionary measures are not taken, inhalation could cause lasting health problems.

Lack of Free Time
Chemical engineers works are extremely long hours. Therefore, most of their time goes toward research and production, and have little time for family and friends.

Post-Secondary Education Requirement
Unlike other engineering course a chemical engineer requires you at least a master’s degree, and oftentimes a doctoral degree as well.

Written Jun 14, 2019

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