How to learn swimming?

I am now 32 and still afraid to swim in a pool that is beyond my height. What are the tips that you can share to help someone like me who don’t know how to swim but want to learn or improve some swimming technique by our self?

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It's  never too late to learn swimming even you're now 32years old.

Tips to learn swimming:

-Practice holding your breath while your head is under the surface, knowing you can come up for air whenever you wish.

-Wear goggle, being able to see clearly while your head is beneath the surface will make learning to swim more enjoyable.

-Spend more time in the water to feel more comfortable.

For a beginner who wants to practice by their self you should remember these things:

-Don't swim alone.

-Stay within a depth you can handle. 

-Practice in swimming pool not in a moving water like beach.

Written Jun 11, 2019

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