Why most people are afraid of snake?

Ophidiophobia is the term for the fear of snakes. But why even though numerous snakes are harmless to humans, our fear of them remains resilient. Why are we all so afraid of snakes?

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Are you not? Most of us afraid because we all knew that if snake bite us it may cause our sudden death.
Beside of the reality, snake was mentioned many times in the bible as devil.

Written May 19, 2019

I am one of those people who have fear in snake even I don't see any kind of snake in reality. However, when I look at snake photos I get this uncomfortable feeling.

One concept regarding why most people have fear in snakes is because so many kind of this species are poisonous, so it is natural selection may have favored people who stayed away from these dangerous species. 

Written Jun 14, 2019

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