What is a good dog breeds?

Dog is a man’s best friend and our family want to buy two dogs. Had kids in our home what do you think breeds of dogs should we consider? We need some breeds that are quite patient with younger kids.

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Owning a dog is a good decision, but of course since you have kids at home you must consider your lifestyle and the ages of the children.

There are hundreds of dog breeds but here are the best breeds to consider when there are kids:

1.    Shih Tzu
This affectionate breed makes a great choice for families of all ages and most activity levels. Not requiring too much exercise, the easy going Shih Tzu is a comfort loving, trusting companion who loves being close to you at all times.

2.    Hungarian Viszla
A truly active dog for families that enjoy the outdoors and can provide plenty of physical exercise, this energetic hunting breed can make a great addition to the family. Fiercely loyal, sometimes to the point of being clingy, Viszlas are loving, tactile, sturdy yet sensitive.

3.    Golden Retriever
This is the third most-popular breed in the American Kennel Club (AKC) rankings. Families love it for its friendly disposition and eagerness to please, and its history as a waterfowl retriever means that your kids will have a blast playing fetch for hours and romping on the beach. 

4.    Poodle
Poodles range in size from Toy, Miniature and Standard so suit many family’s needs. Despite a reputation as precious or fussy, they are a working breed keen to get involved with family activities and their low-shedding coats can actually be quite low maintenance with regular clipping.

5. Beagle
Charlie Brown knew it all along: For kids, happiness is a warm puppy, especially if it's a Beagle like Snoopy. The AKC lists it as one of the breeds that's sweet and easygoing not only with children, but also with cats; certain other family-friendly dogs are more aggressive toward small animals.

Written Jun 14, 2019