Public or Private School?

Determining what school to send your child can be a worrying and stressful choice for many parents for a variety of reasons. The bottom line here is parents want to get the best education for their child, that’s why they always want to check the private and public school’s background and learn its difference.

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Private Schools vs. Public Schools

In private school you need to pay the tuition fee. In the Philippines it can range from P40,000 to P200,000 plus you still need to pay for the books and other materials to be used by your child. However in public school the tuition and books are free and most of the time governments give school supplies for the children before the school start. Everyone pays taxes, so you are already supporting the public school system. Why pay for both, you might ask yourself?

Private schools are allowed to expel students and can choose not to allow certain students admission. Public schools accept all students, regardless of religious creed, academic abilities, or any other factor.

Class size
Overcrowding of public school classrooms is one of the most common complaints about the public education system, a significant problem that inspires parents to seek private school alternatives. 

In private they have a limit number of student for every grade section. Once it is reached they usually add another section to not overcrowd the room.

School governance
Because they do not use public funds (or in some areas, less funds), private schools are not as restricted in their program development or curricula. Private schools are not subject to budget limitations imposed by the state (although they may in fact have more restrictive limitations).

This freedom allows private schools to develop their own curricula. As long as parents agree with the intellectual, philosophical or religious basis brought to the curricula, this independence from 'government interference' is seen as a great advantage of private schools over public.

On the other hand, public schools use curricula designed to include all students, thus invoking in them a tolerance for others. Learning in both public and private schools is measured through standardized testing.

Quality of education
Both school administrators and educators all do their best to create the best learning environment possible. There are excellent public schools and there are excellent private schools.

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