How to become a good story teller?

I want to become a vlogger but how can I do that if I am so shy in the camera. There's  a lot of interesting topic in my mind but I don't know how can I be a good story teller so I can get people's interest.

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Since you already have interesting topics in your mind you can start your career as vlogger anytime. Because you just need to be yourself. When you are being yourself in your videos, you begin to become comfortable with yourself. Do you know the risk of not being yourself? You might destroy the trust of your possible subscribers. You can also forget some lines that you should tell since you are focusing on different you. 

Remember when you first start your vlog don't expect to have million subscribers in an hour. The truth is it takes years to gain a lot of subscribers, and once you realize that you don't have as many subscribers as you intended, you get frustrated easily.

You have to invest time and effort into vlogging because you are passionate about it. Don't be in it for the money. If you deliver your vlog good, that matter will go next to you.

Written Jun 06, 2019