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Is it advisable to take Chemical Engineering course?

Yes it is an advantage in terms of job opportunities locally or abroad. This course is not as popular as civil engineering, electronics engineering, or mechanical engineering. But they are indemand because of luck of supply.

What is Saudi Arabia national game?

What is the most trusted online shopping for you?


Base on experience Amazon is number one, second to that is ali express and alibaba These online shopping sites ensures that their merchants are legits.

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What makes hair dry?


Beach water cause hair dry because of the salt content of the sea water. Sun will cause dry hair also. Beside of those natural causes chemicals that you're using in your hair is the most culprit.

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Why most people are afraid of snake?


Are you not? Most of us afraid because we all knew that if snake bite us it may cause our sudden death.
Beside of the reality, snake was mentioned many times in the bible as devil.

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