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How to avoid getting acne?

How old are you? If you are a teen ager it might be because of hormonal imbalance. If so talk to a doctor about hormone pills. But there are many ways to prevent acne. You are right washing your face is good to prevent acne because you help your face remove thr dirts. And you should avoid popping the pimples it can cause a big problem to you and doesn’t help in any form. Also stress can worst the acne so reduce stress.

What are the requirements in civil service exam?

The Career Service Examination requirements are

)    fully accomplished Application Form (CS Form No. 100, Revised September 2016, downloadable from the CSC website)

2)    four (4) pieces of recently taken (not more than three months ago) passport sized (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm) I.D. pictures in white background, showing the applicant’s bare face (without eye glasses or any accessory that may cover facial features), and with handwritten name tag legibly showing the applicant’s signature over printed full name

3)    original and photocopy of any of the following valid I.D. cards: Driver’s License/Temporary Driver’s License, Passport, PRC License, SSS I.D., GSIS I.D. (UMID), Voter’s I.D/Certification, BIR/Taxpayer’s I.D., PhilHealth I.D., current Company/Office I.D., School I.D., Police Clearance/ Police Clearance Certificate, Postal I.D., Barangay I.D., NBI Clearance, Seaman’s Book, HDMF Transaction I.D., PWD I.D., Solo Parent I.D., Senior Citizen’s I.D., Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR I-CARD), and CSC Eligibility Card; and 4) if the I.D. card does not indicate date of birth, original and photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority, or the Local Civil Registry printed on security paper must be presented.

4)    Examination fee of Php500.

How to pass the Civil Service Examination?

It is significant to know the CSC exam coverage, scope and passing rate so you know what you are getting into and so that you can study well before the examination day.

According to the CSC, the exam will cover the following scope:
•    English and Filipino:
•    Vocabulary
•    Grammar and correct usage
•    Paragraph organization
•    Reading comprehension
•    Analogy
•    Logic
•    Numerical reasoning
•    Clerical Operations
•    General Information about – Philippine Constitution; Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (R. A. 6713); peace and human rights issues and concepts; and environment management and protection.

However Sub-professional level also has similar coverage but doesn’t cover Analogy and Logic but has Clerical Operations questions.

How to overcome fear of riding a ferris wheel?

But you are riding other amusement smaller rides? Because those smaller rides have devices that can also broke anytime. I guess you have a fear in heights, close your eyes if you are. Just think that it will be going to be a fun experienced. Don’t let negative and fearful thoughts enter into your head.

Best topics to talk with your friends?

 The best and most interesting topic is always the relationship that you both have! 

Who is Ranz and Niana?

Ranz and Niana are a sibling dancing duo. Initially starting as a hobby to share their passion to friends and family, people quickly noticed their talent and demanded for more. Ranz and Niana became known for dancing and creating content for Musical.ly, Facebook and Youtube.Together they hope to inspire and and entertain younger generations. Their dance videos have created a huge following with over 6 million followers on their Facebook page.


What is Huawei security problem?

The main concern with Huawei has been alarms about its security with the Chinese government and fears that its equipment could be used to spy on other countries and companies. It's the reason why the US banned companies from using Huawei networking equipment in 2012 and the company was added to the US Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security Entity List on May 15, following an executive order from President Donald Trump effectively banning Huawei from US communications networks.

What are the benefits of being a Social Security System member?

Basically, the SSS provides for a replacement of income lost on account of the aforementioned contingencies. The benefits under the Social Security Program are: 



How to get a credit card easily?

There are banks that offered credit cards to a college student. I don’t think you will get trouble in getting it, you will only get issues when you exceed into your credit limit and doesn’t pay your balance every month. So keep your account in good standing if you already get one.

What is the causes of phobia?

Sometimes phobia is hereditary. But phobias usually begin in childhood days or a teenager. Kids have more animal phobias, natural environment phobias, and blood-injection-injury phobias than teenagers or adults. Situational phobias usually start when an individual is in adult age. Women often have phobias at a younger age than men do. If a person has one phobia, he or she is likely to have one more phobia too.

Is it good to have two or more credit cards?

As long as you well managed the credit cards that you all have, then it is good.

What is the average income to live comfortably in Korea?

Are you moving alone? If so $2k is enough for you to live comfortable in Korea.

What are the Symptoms of Menopause?

Most symptoms of menopause are also symptoms when a girl will have their period. They will also experience breast tenderness, lower sex drive, feeling fatigue most of the time, and hot flashes. That's why sometimes most women that are going to menopause wondered that they are already experiencing the menopause symptoms because they taught they are just having a monthly period.

What is the age of menopause?

There are women who get menopause at age of 50 but there are also late like they menopause at age 60. So your auntie doesn't have to worry since she is only 56 she’s still in the bracket.

Is school field trip necessary?

When I was still schooling I’m always wishing for a school field trip. I guess most students do. Because here we feel more free and excited to see the place that we’re going to. But now that I’m done with my study and sometimes read bad news regarding school field trip, I guess I am now one of the parents who did not agree to enforce the student to come to a school field trip. And I don’t think it is really necessary.

What is the hottest temperature recorded on Earth?

According to the World Meteorological Organization's (WMO), the highest temperature ever recorded was 56.7 °C (134.1 °F) on 10 July 1913 in Furnace Creek (Greenland Ranch), California, United States. The validity of this record is challenged as possible problems with the reading have since been discovered. Christopher C. Burt, a weather historian writing for Weather Underground, believes that the 1913 Death Valley reading is "a myth", and is at least 2.2 or 2.8 °C (4 or 5 °F) too high. Burt proposes that the highest reliably recorded temperature on Earth could be at Death Valley, but is instead 54.0 °C (129.2 °F) recorded on 30 June 2013. This alleged record has since been tied twice by readings in Kuwait and Iran. The WMO has stated they stand by the 1913 record pending any future investigations.

The former highest official temperature on Earth (held for 90 years by ‘Aziziya, Libya) was reassessed in July 2012 by the WMO which published a report that invalidated the record. There have been other unconfirmed reports of high temperatures, with readings as high as 66.8 °C (152.2 °F) in the Flaming Mountains of China in 2008. However, these temperatures have never been confirmed, and are currently considered to have been recorder's errors, thus not being recognised as world records.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_weather_records

Best comedian Hollywood actor?

Rowan Atkinson is the best comedian hollywood actor for me. Mr. Bean fans ever!

How to cook Persian food?

Persian or Iranian cooking has much in common with Middle Eastern cooking, where wheat is a staple, and lamb, poultry and yoghurt are all popular. A distinctly sour flavour is evident in most Iranian dishes, and may be achieved through the addition of lemon, pomegranate or sour oranges.

Serve your best friend a Qormeh sabzi with duck

Qormeh sabzi is a delicious Persian khoresh, or stew. Sabzi is the herb mix integral to the dish and includes parsley, coriander, garlic chives and fresh or dried fenugreek leaves. The herbs are added in mountains and it’s no wonder the dish turns a marvellously dark green – and the aroma of fenugreek fills the house (be warned!). This recipe is cooked with duck, but it can also be cooked with chicken or lamb – or you could even do a vegetarian version.

•    2½ tbspclarified butter (ghee) or vegetable oil
•    1large onion, chopped
•    1duck, chopped into large pieces
•    pinch of turmeric
•    100 gflat-leaf parsley, chopped
•    100 ggarlic chives, chopped
•    50 gcoriander, chopped 
•    50 gdried fenugreek leaves
•    chicken stock or water
•    6dried limes, cracked 
•    200 gcooked kidney beans 
•    salt and pepper

Heat the ghee or oil in a large, heavy-based saucepan over medium heat. Add the onion and stir for a few minutes until it softens. Add the duck pieces and turmeric and fry until the duck is golden brown. Remove the duck from the pan.

Add the fresh herbs and dried fenugreek to the pan and fry, stirring, until the herbs darken. Return the duck to the pot and add stock or water to just cover the meat. Add the dried lime and kidney beans and bring to the boil. Season with salt and pepper. Simmer for 1½ hours. Serve with rice.

What is the best Under Armour Curry shoes?

Under Armour Curry 2.5 is my desired although I don’t still have a pair of this shoe. I want this red and white combination. Look at the picture isn’t good?


What is the most expensive Casio watch?

Early this year Casio announced the G-D5000-9JR, an 18-karat gold G-Shock based on the classic square case design that will retail for ¥7,700,000 JPY (~$69,533.49 USD as of 2/25/19), making it the most expensive G-Shock of all time by an extremely wide margin. Only 35 units will be available for sale.


Other Cashio watch unit that are also expensive:

2019: The MRG-G2000GA-1A has a handcrafted finish by traditional swordsmith Sadanobu Gassan. It is limited to 300 units and has a list price of $7,400 USD.

2018: The G-Shock MRG-G2000HA is limited to 350 units and has a list price of $7,400 USD.

2017: The G-Shock MRG-G2000HT-1A Baselworld 2017 Edition is limited to 500 units and will be released in September 2017 with a list price of $7,400 USD.

2016: The G-Shock MRG-G1000HT Hammer Tone 2016 release for the 20th anniversary of the MR-G line has a list price of $6,200. In late 2016 G-Shock also released the MRG-G1000HG-9A Gold Hammer Tone with a list price of $6,200.

2015: The MRG-G1000RT-1A is getting a U.S.A. release in September and according to Casio will be available at select jewelers, the G-Shock website, and the G-Shock Soho Store. The list price is $6,000 making it the most expensive official G-Shock watch ever released for sale. The Yamagata-produced watch is made with the Titanium 64 alloy which is seven times harder than pure titanium.