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Good cartoons show for kids?

Your grade 1 students will surely love these good, funny and educational shows:

1.    Spongebob 

2.    Dora the Explorer

3.    Barney & Friends

4.    Peppa Pig

5.    Dexter’s Laboratory

Do you prefer to have gun in your house for protection?

My only concern in having a gun at home is the children.  If you have children, you should take into account how the presence of a firearm in the home might affect their safety. Most gun-owner takes precautions to keep their children from seeing and handling the family’s firearms. However, despite these efforts, children often handle guns in the home without their parents’ knowledge.

So my answer is “No” beside you already have knowledge in self-defense, encourage your family to learn it as well. 

Are you an open minded person?

I don't think there's a problem of having a high curiosity. Why afraid? Keep in mind that there's nothing to worry and you should not mind what others will going to say as long as you are not doing anything that can harm anyone.

Top 5 characteristics of an open minded person.

1. Optimistic

2. Take risks.

3. Can make decisions independently and don’t rely on others to tell you what to do, think, and believe.

4. Aren’t afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

5. Should approach people and situations.

How to become a good story teller?

Since you already have interesting topics in your mind you can start your career as vlogger anytime. Because you just need to be yourself. When you are being yourself in your videos, you begin to become comfortable with yourself. Do you know the risk of not being yourself? You might destroy the trust of your possible subscribers. You can also forget some lines that you should tell since you are focusing on different you. 

Remember when you first start your vlog don't expect to have million subscribers in an hour. The truth is it takes years to gain a lot of subscribers, and once you realize that you don't have as many subscribers as you intended, you get frustrated easily.

You have to invest time and effort into vlogging because you are passionate about it. Don't be in it for the money. If you deliver your vlog good, that matter will go next to you.

What pizza flavor do you love?

Gourmet pizza flavor is the best flavor of pizza that I ever taste. It is also known as California pizza. I tasted this pizza flavor in  California Pizza Kitchen.

Gourmet pizza flavor is a unique flavor of vegetarian pizza where the pizza where the spicy vegetarian delight is topped with extremely appealing golden corns, loaded with extra cheese. Also it is unique flavor because of the extra toppings like the spread of black olives and the jalapenos. This is an remarkable vegetarian recipe which is a delight to have. The Gourmet pizza is indeed one of the best.

Is saving money in the bank worth it?

For safety purposes saving money in the bank is the one that will suit to you. But expect a low interest rates and no one wants their money sitting around doing nothing. I have a question, how many years from now you’re son will start his college because if it takes 5 to 10years from now inflation can seriously affect the value of cash savings.

Why not consider investing your money? Buy things you think will increase in value. For example, you might invest in stocks, property, golds, or shares in a fund.


What is your birthday wish?

Is gold a good investment?


absolutely, gold is a precious metal around the world. Even governenets have reserves of golds. It is the safest way to invest money.

What are the basic subjects in College?

Yes most of the basic subjects in college are most likely the same in high school.

College basic subject:

•    English: English 1-4, American Literature, Creative writing

•    Math: Algebra 1-3, Geometry, Statistics

•    Natural of Physical Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

•    Social Science: American History, Government

•    Filipino

What is the best VPS hosting?

Kpop earrings price?

Different kinds of coffee?

I’ll give the coffee that I usually ordered every time I’m in café. 

1. Mocha
Mocha is best to offer for first time coffee drinkers, the mocha is a latte with a few extras, including chocolate powder or syrup added, making it a bit thicker and sweeter than most coffees, while still containing a hint of coffee taste. While it will depend on how much you like sweet things, the choice between mocha and a latte will be up to you.

2. Cappuccino
A cappuccino has more milk foam. Moreover, when ordering a cup of cappuccino, it is important to keep in mind that it is less voluminous than a latte because it has a higher ratio of milk foam.

3. Piccolo Latte
For a person like me who haven’t yet acquired the taste of a straight espresso, the piccolo latte may be your new go-to option too. Adding a small amount on foamed milk on top of an espresso shot, the piccolo latte is often considered the middle ground between the café latte and the espresso, making it ideal for those who like a bit of sweetness to their coffee.

4. Frappuccino
I love cold coffee too. The frappuccino is a Starbucks specialty, coffee blended with ice and other ingredients and topped with whip cream.

Tax for the minimum wager?

For your information there is no tax for minimum wage earners.

Bad effect of energy drinks?


I have co-worker who drink energy drinks for long time and now suffering kidney problem. I don not know if this is related but I guess there are always side effects of drinking to much energy drink.

Straight hair or curly for women?

It’s no problem with me if a girl’s hair is straight or curly. I mean it is depend on the girl on how they carry their hair style. My mother had a curly hair and my sister had a straight one. And they are both beautiful for me. Nothing spells beauty like confidence does.

Best photo apps for phone?

I believed every phone original cameras has its own filter. You can simply change its brightness, crop or change the image effects.

But still we are looking for the best application to enhance the photos quality because photo is an effective way to catch someone’s eye especially when posting it in social media.

So I collected the best photo application that you can download in your phone for free.

1.    Snapseed
Google’s Snapseed packs a punch, rivaling desktop photo editors with its huge range of features and intuitive interface.

2.    VSCO
This free photo editing app provides a set of stunning filters that make your photos look like they were taken on an analog film camera. These soft and subtle filters add a touch of class to your photos compared to many heavily-filtered Instagram presets.

3.    Adobe Photoshop Express
This photo application filters automatically correct common issues, such as the color temperature and exposure problems.

4.    Enlight Photofox
One of its most popular features is the ability to blend photos together to create dramatic effects. You can also add graphic elements to your images.

5.    Photo Collage
    This photo collage maker has thousands of layouts, so you can always find the ideal one for your needs.
All these photo editing applications are available on iOS and Android.

Best way to avoid mosquito in the garden?

Playing outdoor is very important for the children. Especially now a days that most children are just playing gadgets, it is happy to know that your children still loves play an outdoor games.

Tips to avoid mosquito in the garden:

Mosquitoes lay eggs on the surface of standing water. Inspect your yard for standing (rain) water. Empty or remove all the items that can contain water for at least a few days. By eliminating all these water sources you are taking away ideal breeding grounds for the bugs. Since mosquitoes prefer standing, non-flowing water aeration helps prevent egg-laying and hatching.

Several herbal oils on the market can assist in repelling mosquitoes. Generally these oils or lotions made with citronella, wormwood, and pennyroyal are applied directly to the skin or clothing. 

If you are sitting in one place, the most low-tech and inexpensive solution is a fan. Mosquitos are relatively weak fliers, they don’t like flying into a headwind.  Have you ever been bit by a mosquito on a windy day?  Lack of air movement in cloistered, urban gardens is a contributory factor to management of mosquitoes.

Lights attract small bugs which attract bigger bugs looking for a tasty meal. By replacing existing outdoor light for opaque yellow bug lights you may reduce the influx of the flying pests in your yard.  Because of different light wavelengths, bug lights are less visible to insects thus causing less bugs swarming around.

Practice to wear your children pajamas or something long every time they are going to play in the backyard or garden.

Perfect age to get married?

Well your age is still in the bracket of perfect age to get married. For me the perfect age is 27-30. Don’t hurry sometimes when we get hurry we get the wrong one.

Let your colleagues ask you repeatedly, don’t mind them. What’s important is you wait for the right one.

Is showering at night bad?

Most people wrongly perceive that night shower is dangerous for your health. But the truth is that taking a shower at night is not at all dangerous for the body. There are no studies showed to evaluate the effect of night shower on human body. Most people are confused whether taking shower in the morning is good or night shower is better. To your knowledge both has more or less the same effect.  

Benefits of showering at night:

•    Most people consider that taking a shower is a pleasurable activity as it makes you feel energizing, smoothing and the like.

•    It is alleged that taking a hot water shower can help you cleanse your skin and open up the pores which allow your skin to breathe. This also eradicates toxins from your skin and makes you feel cleaner and refreshed.  You can improve the suppleness of your skin by taking a milk bath after you come home.

•    It is also said that taking a shower at night can help in dropping your blood pressure and gives you relief from all the stress. This may also serve to be a small power break from your everyday routine.

•    If you work out in the evening then shower is needed to clean away the sweat from your body surface. Moreover, a shower after workout helps you relax your muscles and decrease body pain. 

•    It is assumed that a shower at night can also help you free from acute insomnia or sleeplessness.

How many kinds of nouns are there?